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New Custom Order Turn Around Time

The custom turn around time is being changed to four weeks.  I can no longer guarantee custom orders to be complete in two weeks.  My schedule has become quite full with orders.  Instead of stressing out and slapping customs together I will have to increase my turn around for up to four weeks.  Obviously, sometimes they will be completed much faster but, I need to give myself the extra room.

Please remember that I have many orders and “your” custom is not the only thing I’m working on at the time.  I know you all can become anxious waiting for your new video but, please be patient.  I will let you know the status of your order as I am working on it.

If you are purchasing items for me to use or wear for your custom video, the four weeks will begin once I have receive all items.  I will let you know when I receive the items and then send updates on your video.

Hello 2017

I can’t tell you how excited I am for 2017.  I have so many new ideas for things this year.  There will be more webcam shows, videos, photos, and some additions added in this year.  Can you handle the ride?

It’s My Birthday

It’s well into my favorite month, October.  It’s my favorite for several reasons but, the most important reason is that its my Birthday Month.  Yep!  You would know that if you were not living under a rock.  You can send me gifts, gift cards, tributes, or buy clips.  I will be celebrating all month long.  To end the month, I will be traveling and I will be expecting you to PAY for ALL expenses.  How else would I spend my birthday?  Send tributes to cover my expenses and Southwest Gift Cards.  Be a good boy and follow orders.  I know how to enjoy your money better than you do.

Get Your Wallet!!  





Custom Video Sale

25% OFF Custom Videos until July 9, 2016

Send your detailed description of your custom video to me by email.   I will email you back with a quote for your custom video with a link to make your payment.  I am only accepting payments through clips4sale for this offer.   I must receive payment by July 9, 2016 at 11:59PM EST for this offer to be valid.

Make sure you are detailed when you send your request!  I cannot stress that enough.  I do not allow changes after I recieve payment.

You can check out my work here

Send Me Gifts

Today is my birthday.  Many of you have been begging to send me gifts.  You finally have the chance to empty your wallet shopping my wishlist.  Before I was only able to accept gift cards but, now gifts can be sent directly to me.  I will accept gift cards too.  You can never go wrong sending me a gift card as a selfless tribute to spoil me.  What better way of starting my birthday than sending me a few gifts from my wishlist.